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  • Resolved pabloacastillo


    Ok, here i go.

    1) Im using phpxmlrpc to make the connection and one of the problems i have is in main.php function wpext_response()

    Since i have to send as first parameter a “0” ot indicate what wordpress im using (somthing from WPMU i suspect), the $params are out of order.
    $username = $params[0];
    $password = $params[1];
    $method = $params[2];
    $args = $params[3];

    it should be:
    $username = $params[1];
    $password = $params[2];
    $method = $params[3];
    $args = $params[4];

    2) logError() its an amazing function, but its not attached to anything.

    3) Inside main.php, in the function setup() when you get get_defined_functions() not all functions are stored. Just the first 994 functions are stored missing 992 functions from the total of 1986 user functiones in wordpress. Still not sure it this an error from the serialize function or the way its stored in the database.

    I will try to fix a number of this bugs and upload it to my github

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  • Plugin Author michaelgrosser


    1. Ok, I’ll take a look. I hadn’t originally designed it with WPMU in mind. If it’s a fairly simple fix I’ll get it in there.

    2. It is there for debugging when/if needed. It wasn’t meant to be a public-facing feature and is not meant to be used full time, thus, this is as intended.

    3. Yeah, this is a known issue and why the plugin hasn’t seen a 1.0 release. The only real guaranteed to this is to take a fairly different approach to getting the function list, which likely involves either forgoing the use of get_defined_functions() or some level of hackery. The plugin won’t see a 1.0 release until that is solved, but it is unfortunately not a problem I have time to solve at the moment.

    Plugin Author michaelgrosser


    To update these items:

    1. This should now be resolved.

    2. The debug method is now more usable if you wish to call it. Note, I don’t provide a way to do so outside of editing the source.

    3. This should be improved but probably still not perfect.

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