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  • I was asked to check out Flutter for a prospective client, as it appear to suit their needs. I was dismayed to find some bugs in what is undoubtedly a good plugin. problem is, for myself at least, the bugs would need to be fixed before I could ever use it.

    Custom fields – the custom fields created are geat – except that their content is duplicated with the standard custom fields section of WordPress. this could easily be solved by adding an underscore at the beginning of the meta_names.

    Textareas – I saw 2 button the Visual/HTML ones – but I didn’t get the actual toolbar. Either this is a bug or I am missing something here. The links appeared to do absolutely nothing. Sadly this would be impeative for the client concerned.

    At this time I have yet to test all the features.

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  • and another possible bug.

    I created a new ‘Write panel’ based on posts. I make a post under this new panel. However it is still listed under the normal posts as well, is it not possible to hide them from there?

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