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  • Creating this post for receiving feedback on the Suffusion theme. Please feel free to post bug reports and suggestions for the theme here.

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  • Luis,
    Sorry, it is a mistake on my part. Please modify functions.php to fix this. At the top you will see a line:


    Change it to this:

    load_theme_textdomain("suf_theme", TEMPLATEPATH. "/translation");

    That should work. I have corrected this at my end and submitted a new version to WP. Once it is approved you can download it.

    You can send me the files at sayontan [at] gmail [dot] com.


    That worked out great 🙂


    Hi Sayontan,

    First of all I would like to thank you for creating the Suffusion template, great work!

    Now I have a question.. I would like to change the header image. It all seems to work fine by entering the full URL in the Header Customization settings. Although when I visit the website, I’m asked for the password of the ftp-site I uploaded the image. When other people visit my website they won’t see the image.

    Is there anything I do wrong? Could you help me with this?



    Hi Sayontan,

    45 minutes later I figured out how to make it work.. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks again for the amazing theme 😉


    For a quicker response to issues and questions, please post them on the support forum for Suffusion: .

    Hello Sayontan,
    Let me tell you –> I’m very happy with your theme! It is sooo easy to work with. Thank you!

    I do have a problem that might not be bug related but I wanted to ask you:

    I manage two blogs = different themes. I uploaded a single picture to both sites. In the first one (Thesis theme) the picture floats on click, exactly like I want, without leaving the post. On the other blog (Suffusion) the picture loads on a new window instead, which is very annoying for my customer. In this case, the picture was uploaded to a page, not a post, but I guess it doesn’t matter, does it? Is this something that has to do with the theme? I checked both Gallery Options and it looks like I did the same setup. What am I doing wrong?

    I believe you posted this on my support forum as well, and it has been resolved here: .

    For folks too lazy to click the link, the issue was with using the “HighSlide” effect of NextGEN – nothing to do with the theme itself.

    Users, please continue to post issues to for quick attention.


    I have a WordPress blog in Version 2.6.5. I am trying to replace my current blog’s theme with the Suffusion theme.

    I have the Suffusion theme successfully installed, but when I try to activate the theme I get an error that reads: Parse error: parse error in /Users/rp/Sites/wp-content/themes/suffusion/functions.php on line 665

    I’m really wanting to figure this theme out and use it. Can anyone offer any solutions?


    Please see this thread on the support forum: . This problem occurs if you are on PHP 4.x. The thread describes a fix for this, but if you have the option, please upgrade your PHP installation.

    Also, a lot of functionality might not work as expected (or break) with WP 2.6.5. Can you upgrade to the current version? That would be 2.8.5.

    Lastly, as pointed out in my prior posts, please use the support forum of the theme at in case of issues.


    What about comments-popup.php?

    Can you be more specific? What about comments-popup.php are you looking for?


    well, im trying to open comments in a popup window, but withou success. im trying to adapt comments_popup.php from default design, but dont work. dont show posts and without “layout”. just a blank page with comment form.

    thanks for reply sayontan, your template is magnific.

    and if i delete comments_popu.php, well… then the popup open, but with strange design.

    Pop-up comments are not currently supported in the theme by design – you will see the comment form at the bottom of your post when you click on “Add Comments”. That is what you can use to put in comments.

    Since you tried to put in the default comments-popup.php to get it to work, you probably modified header.php. I believe you will have issues with the styles etc if you tried to use the default file (and you confirmed that you are having issues).

    Right now I can only suggest using the default comments feature. Maybe I will add popup comments as a feature later.


    Hi Sayontan,

    First, Suffusion template is a marvellous piece of work, Great.

    I am having major problems in running it on IE 6 or even i upgraded to IE 8.

    explorer says dbx.js error on line 6 Object required

    the theme is working fine with mozilla

    I really cant figure out the problem.

    I would really like to get this theme going.

    your wisdom shall help.


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