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  • Creating this post for receiving feedback on the Suffusion theme. Please feel free to post bug reports and suggestions for the theme here.

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  • The theme directory says it is a two-column/three-column theme, but it seems to support only two columns as per the theme’s homepage.

    Can you please clarify if it supports three columns in any way? Thanks!

    Sorry, I did not see this post earlier. A two-column theme has one sidebar and a three-column theme has 2 sidebars. Up to release 2.3.0 both of these are supported. You need to go into “Sidebar setup” in the theme options and select how many columns you want there. The theme homepage is an example of a 3-column layout.

    From 2.3.5 onwards the theme also supports a single column layout (0 sidebars).


    Has this been tested with WordPress MU?
    I downloaded to my install of wordpress MU but when activated by a blog user, gets this error:
    Fatal error: Class suffusion_search: Cannot inherit from undefined class wp_widget in /Library/WebServer/Documents/wp-content/themes/suffusion/suffusion-widgets.php on line 11

    I will look into this. I haven’t tried this out with WordPress MU, but since I have seen two reports regarding this on the same day, I will definitely take a look

    Which version of WP MU are you using? If I understand correctly, WP_Widget is not available for versions older than MU 2.8.1.

    Regardless, I am going to put in some code to prevent inclusion of the new widgets if you are on an older version.


    Hi sayontan,

    I’ve installed your theme and would like to stay with it because its modern and simple..

    but i got a question.. I’ve installed and configured another language other than english but unfortunatelly it still renders english words like “Posted by” and “Response” or “Leave a reply”..

    I’ve confirmed that my language is correctly instaled as I switched back to the original theme and everything is translated correctly, so I ask is there anyway to config Suffusion in order to use the configured language or do I have to edit every php file manually?

    Thanks in advance,
    Luis Santos

    Have you created a translation file for this or are you using WP’s standard translation?


    I have the same problem as Luis, and i also want to solve it. Furthermore i want to change the main body color, i can only change to black or white. Where i can find it?


    I have to ask you the same question that I asked Luis – do you have a specific translation file for the theme? The way the translations work is that you have the standard WordPress translations and then you have translations for the theme.

    This theme supports translations, i.e. every piece of text that shows up on the blog can be replaced by something defined in another language. But obviously, since it does a lot of things more than the default theme, there are more texts in it than the default theme. So you cannot use the default translation package that WordPress provides. Since I am not fluent enough in other languages to write translations myself, I cannot translate it myself. A user did provide a Spanish translation which I can provide to you, if you are interested. But it is for a few versions older release, so things have changed.

    Are you looking to change the backgrounds for the posts? You can do so in the “Custom CSS” section under the “Custom CSS, JavaScript and RSS” section. Put in this code there:

    .post {
        background-color: #aabbcc;

    This will change your post’s background-color to #aabbcc. This is upgrade-safe, meaning that if you upgrade the theme the setting stays.


    thanks for your explanation.

    I tried translating the suffusion.po file found @ wp-content/themes/suffusion/translation but it didn’t work, so I guess I’m doing something the wrong way..

    could you please tell me what i’m doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance,

    i’ve been translating by editing the php files one by one…

    is this the best way ?

    i’m pretty sure that if you release an update, I will loose the translation so it problably isn’t the best way :\

    There is a software called POEdit. You can use that to help do the translation. You can download it from . When you install POEdit, you can double-click on the suffusion.po file and then translate the strings one by one. That way you don’t have to edit the files. Take a look at . It explains how to translate a theme. Once you are done with the translation you can send me the file and I can include it in the theme.

    Which language are you translating to?



    thanks for your reply.

    I’m translating to pt_PT ( european Portuguese )

    I’ll gladly send you the translation .po file once i finish.
    I’ll be taking a deeper look into it during the next 2 days.

    Thanks again, you’ve been very helpful 🙂

    just ran my eyes through the tutorial you pointed, seems pretty clear and easy.

    Thanks again 🙂

    Hi again, I just finished translating it with POEdit

    my “wp-config” WPLANG is set to pt_PT, my files are named pt_PT.po and , and are located inside /public_html/blog/wp-content/themes/suffusion/translation but its not working.

    I tried “tricking” the system by changing the filenames to suffusion.po and but that didnt work either

    I’m doing something wrong again.. lol … trial & error never hurted anyone but do you know what I’m missing here?


    PS: where can i find your email so I can send you the .po and .mo files?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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