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  • I just Upgraded to WordPress2.8 and I noticed that it reinstalls the RETARDED “Hello Dolly” plugin.

    I had previously spent time deleting this plug in from every single of my blogs, I obviously do not want it but on upgrading WordPress will reinstall it.

    I think this is a bug, WordPress should not be reinstalling a plug in I have already deleted.

    This is not a new installation, I already have a customized WordPress Blog. I guess is deleting time again…


    Another bug! I just noticed on upgrading to WP2.8 it also REINSTALLS the Classic and Default themes I had already deleted from my blogs as I do not use them. Now I have to put up with more clutter.

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  • Is there a fliping point for me taking the time to filling in a bug report? Probably not given the responses, and this will be the first and last one I post.

    i must say your bug is pretty tiny considering what other people are facing. chill out.

    Just like the WP Automatic Upgrade plugin, the built in upgrade function puts ALL files from the WP pack on your server and that pack includes Matts plugin and the default themes.

    I have no problem admitting that the bug is tiny, but it is still a bug, now if developers are goint to ignore bugs because they are tiny that is fine, just let people know so they dont bother reporting bugs.

    Pissed me off too!

    But here is a real problem:

    In 2.7 the plugins were colored when turned on.. Now they are white when turned on… 1, they look like crap when white… The entire page looks like trash! 2, I just about had a heart attack when I thought 32 of my blogs didn’t have any activated plugins…

    Why change the colors when it was working SUPERBLY in 2.7 making them yellow?

    It is changes like these that blow my mind!


    You people swapped the blogs title with the admin page in the title tag on the header… Why? Now when I work with 15 blogs in tabs I have this:

    Edit Pos| Edit Pos| Edit Pos| Edit Pos| Edit Pos| Edit Pos|

    And used to have something that told me what blog I wanted like this:
    Shawn’s T|LCD Revie|Plasma R|Lose Wei|Gas Plas|Etc etc|

    Changes like these make no sense!

    I agree that I wonder what that plugin is good for and it is annoying that it is reinstalled automatically at every update, but have you just tried to delete it (with the plugin panel or a FTP client)? That’s what I do.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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