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    Hey hey hey!

    Just a quick bug report:

    If you’re using the ids arg in the shortcode to return multiple author boxes, and the first author doesn’t have a website, the website won’t show up for any of the following authors either.

    Running a shortcode like: [simple-author-box ids=3,2] – if user 3 doesn’t have a website but user 2 does user 2’s website doesn’t show up either.

    Switch the order to: [simple-author-box ids=2,3] and user 2’s website shows up. So something in the query is causing a failure/null value for the first user’s website to apply that null value to all following users, too.

    Probably just a case of needing a query reset somewhere in a foreach argument, but I haven’t looked that in-depth! Just wanted to pass the note along.

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  • Hello @jonwatson87,

    Thank you so much for letting us know about this!
    I have opened a ticket regarding this and you can follow it here:

    I will close this thread for the time being because this bug was reported and will be investigated and fixed in GitHub. If you want to, please subscribe to the GitHub report to get updates on the investigation, or if you’d like to provide more information.

    Thank you so much,

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