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bug report: Tabbed Widgets: “display:none” Safari bug

  • With Accordion menu tab, below code (line #282 and lin #283) in tabbed-widgets/tabbed-widgets.php triggers a Safari bug

    “$params[0][‘before_title’] = ‘<span style=”display:none;”>’;
    $params[0][‘after_title’] = ‘</span>'”

    See screen shot here:

    In a site, I was able to overwrite the display none with the following code:
    .tw-accordion > span {visibility: hidden;display:inline!important}

    But this does not always work as it seems to be dependent by its parent or sibling elements. When it doesn’t work, it creates extra vertical space in “h4.tw-title”, declaring height:0 in “tw-accordion > span” is of no use.

    This seems to be a nasty bug existed since Safari 2.

    Curious, can “h4.tw-title” use directly in [‘before_title’] and [‘after_title’] and remove the “<span style=”display:none;”>” instead?


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