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    1 (Bug): I have my site set to Deactivate User for Manual Approval. I also use social login. If the user goes directly to the login page without registering and clicking on social login they get registered. What I expect: The user should not be able to create a user account on the login page and there should be the same error text that is seen when a user tries to login with the wrong account credentials.

    2 (Suggestion): It would be an awesome feature if the user could register with a social media account and still be able to choose among the usual register form items. Site admin could choose from showing a normal register button and/or register with social media account buttons.

    3. (Suggestion): When Deactivate User for Manual Approval is set to on a notification mail is sent to the admin to activate the user. As it is now you can only see the username and email of the user in the activation mail.

    A) It would be nice to be able to choose which fields from the register form you want to see in the activation mail sent to the admin. That would make it easier do decide if you want to activate the user or not.

    B) Is there a way of deactivating the sending of this mail? If not that would also be a great feature. If you have a site with multiple registrations per day you don’t want to be spammed with activation mails.

    Thank you for a great plugin and for listening to your users!

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    The social login replaces the long form filling process, if the fields present in form are not mandatory ones. In RegistrationMagic, if user is not registered on the site and tries to social login using Email ID used in social accounts, first the user account is created based on the user data present in social account and then user gets the access of the site. This is the default workflow as of now.

    We have made a note of all your suggestions and forwarded it further to our management team for review and possible inclusion in one if the future versions of RegistrationMagic. Thank you for the feedback.

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