Bug report: Static page assigned as menu placeholder still has mouseover link (1 post)

  1. MNL345
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I created four menu items underneath a menu heading, they each have links that work and go to other static pages. And the menu heading I created as a static page and in its editing window I also checked the box for "Menu Placeholder page. Useful for top-level menu item - don't go anywhere when menu item is clicked." Basically, the menu works as intended: no one can go anywhere by clicking on the menu heading, but they can go places using the menu items under that heading. The problem is that I am getting a mouseover address from this go-nowhere heading. It's form is http://www.maindomain.com/lastlinkfollowed/# (I'm using permalinks; didn't check to see if other references have the same problem.) WordPress 3.1 is placing a forward slash followed by the pound symbol into the code. The plugin Google XML Sitemap picked it up and was trying to feed it to Google until I used the plugin's exception to not include this header by its WordPress page number. The point is, I don't want anything possibly messing up the Google crawler and these internal links are undersired, unnecessary.

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