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  • elysdir


    I love HTML Import 2—thank you for providing it! But I just encountered a couple of interlinked bugs:

    1. Under the comment “see if the post already exists,” there’s a check to see whether the post being imported already exists. Which is great, but it can match a file that’s been imported and then put in the trash. I would say that the check for already-exists shouldn’t match if the file is in the trash.

    2. If that check matches, then this line executes (line 610):

    $this->table[] = “<tr><th class=’error’>–</th><td colspan=’3′ class=’err\
    or’> ” . sprintf( __( “%s ( %s ) has already been imported”, ‘html-import-pages’ ), $my_post[‘post_title’], $handle ) . “</td></tr>”;

    …but that results in a PHP error that says that the “[]” operator can’t be applied to a string. I haven’t done enough digging around to know how best to fix that, but it causes the import to fail.

    3. When that error happens, if you don’t have PHP error reporting turned on, the import fails silently, with “Importing HTML files…” on the screen. I waited for a couple of hours for it to finish, then tried a bunch of other things before my web host’s tech support people suggested turning on error reporting. There’s probably nothing you can do here, but maybe you could add a line of text suggesting turning on error reporting if things take too long? Dunno, maybe that’s obvious to most people.

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