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    It seems there’s conflict in the “Media query for iPad and tablets” rule and normal stylesheet, or even with the theme.js; when testing the theme (including the official demo version online) on specific devices like ipad, start with landscape mode then change to portrait mode, somehow the site-navigation div, which contains all the menu items, became empty.

    No menu items, no element style, hence the whole navigation menu disappeared, all left on the first sidebar were only widgets.

    Not just on my test page, also happened to the official demo page of this theme.

    I tested on other handheld devices too, with different browsers like chrome android, same problem occurred.

    To avoid this, I had to start loading the website with this theme, on portrait mode first, then the theme would work perfectly fine. You can turn your device anyway you want, the menu still there, responsive effectively.

    Hope this one will be fixed soon, other than this, products from this developer are all good stuff.

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  • Somehow i think there’s just one line missing in the media query, nothing major, hope it’ll be included in the next release, so I just leave this note here as reference, thank you so much for this theme and the developer, awesome work!

    What I have noticed is that with the iPad Mini, the menus do not appear in portrait view, no matter which way the site is loaded first. No menus at all, either the regular one or the mobile menu. Could this be a related issue?

    On landscape mode, if even the main menu wasn’t there, what about the mobile menu bar on top? If it was there, then yes, I think we’re experiencing the same problem. (But actually it shouldn’t be there on landscape mode, ipad mini is 1024 wide right?

    That’s where and why I brought it up in the first place, the media query function wasn’t complete, won’t work with screens with different sizes and resolutions. If the theme’s responsive function was solely controlled by javascript, then all these can be avoided (I’m not saying now the problem we are facing is totally unfixable, really, magazine basic is great, because it’s not completely relying on javascript, it actually leaves us choice to easily modify 🙂

    There were times I even made the regular menu disappeared, but only after I modified the javascript file with the theme (theme.js); Anyway, proper diagnosis should always be done on different OS, and with different browsers, how’s yours working with other browsers, say Chrome?

    Yes, in landscape mode the main menu shows up. There is no mobile menu bar on top.

    In portrait mode, no menu of any kind shows up.

    I have tested my site on and the mobile menu bar appears on most devices except for the iPad Mini. That said, on the iPhone, there is a menu button on the left, and a home (house) button (which enables search) just to the right of centre. On the other devices, the home button is aligned to the right.

    With regards to desktop browsers, the mobile menu appears when I shrink the browser window, both in Safari and Chrome. But here again, the home button shows up just to the right of centre. In the non-Apple devices I tested on, the menu button is aligned left and the home button is aligned right, in the bar along the top.

    I really wouldn’t suggest this testing method, the least you can do, test it using firefox user agent add-on, there your website is presented “dynamically”

    Me, I sneak into any mobile store I walk by, test my page on any live demo phone available, no kidding.

    Yes, the situation u stated, sounds exactly like mine, as I mentioned, I added one small line to the code, try to solve the problem, but yet test on iPad mini, so I think I’ll do the test and come back here, hopefully with some good news, cheers.

    Just did my little test there, with ipad2, ipad4, & ipad minI, I gotta say I think we were worrying about nothing here, the theme is working just fine 😉

    Though, by testing with the demo page, and your chocolate website on iPad mini, there were times some displacement did occured. Both for loading in portrait mode first, then turned to landscape mode, the regular menu didn’t show up, and the mobile menu trigger became unclickable; hence the mobile menu were either left open, or unreachable til next refresh.

    So my struggle on this issue is done for now, Lutelia, I recommend you to check your parent theme to make sure everything is up-to-date and original. Meanwhile consider polishing the child theme (esp. the function part)

    If you feel like to, I can email you my code for your reference.

    I updated the parent theme just a couple of weeks ago with the latest version (3.0.3).

    Does your own mobile menu work properly now?

    That would be great if you could share your code fix.


    Yes I guess, I have used the contact sheet on your site, you should have my test server address, and link to my child theme files now, so you can check out the result before you study my revised version.

    I didn’t receive any auto reply after using your contact sheet though, hope it’s working properly.

    3tonine, I just realised that my contact form has stopped working! I am trying to fix the problem and will post back…

    3tonine – Thanks for pointing out this problem with my contact form! I tried troubleshooting with several different contact form plugins and none of them work. This is a new problem that must have started in the last few days. I believe it’s an authentication issue with PHPMail and am waiting to hear back from my hosting support…

    I will update when the problem is fixed.

    For now, I have posted an email address below the form, which is still not working.
    There is apparently a bug with the latest version of WordPress/PHPMailer that will be fixed with the next update of WP.
    So if you want to resend your message, that would be great.

    Sent 🙂

    Hi, can you share your code – how did you fix that navigation issue on ipad? Thx

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    Yes guys, please do disclose the answers you shared privately as that information is hidden from us.

    Sorry guys, really not much to share, in fact, I don’t think I did much help to Lutetia too. To clarify again, I’m no pro, so better leave the “support” from this forum to the pros.

    I’m so much looking forward to the next update too, meanwhile, taking closer look inside themes like DW Minion, to learn more about responsive functions and cross browser compatibility, take some code from here and there trying to get a workaround, nothing promising yet, My first wordpress site is not even half done, so, who am I to provide a so called “fix” here, Should apologize for giving you guys the wrong impression though.

    PS. So much to learn, fun to build with, indeed patience needed too, I waited for the 502 Bad gateway Message to leave alone for like an hour, lol.

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