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  • Dear Yoast,

    just want to let you know that your SEO plugin seems to have a little bug. The SEO check reports always “key word is not mentioned in the first sentence of the text.” That’s definetely wrong. I guess this comes from placing a photo inside the text template, so the first bunch of words comes from the photo with all it’s attributes. So the check routine (I mean the one that indicates the SEO status via red, yello or green “lamp”) thinks those words are the first words of the text. Just a guess, but it seems to be the only explanation for that continuing message.

    But good tool, helps a lot, thanks very much!

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  • WordPress 3.4.2

    I’ve had a similar experience. If you add Alt text to the photo that you mention, you should get a “green light” from Yoast if all other parameters are good, i.e.;

    Your focus keyword was found in:
    Article Heading: Yes (1)
    Page title: Yes (2)
    Page URL: Yes (1)
    Content: Yes (7)
    Meta description: Yes (2)

    Forgot to add I’m using version of the Yoast plugin

    Nope: I always use alt text for my photos and it always contains the mey word, too. And the SEO check tool definetely says “key word is not mentioned in the first sentence of the text”. If this message causes a red, yellow or green light doesn’t matter for me – I just wanted to let Yoast know that one of his check mechanisms doens’t work properly as it seems to me … I KNOW that the keyword is in the first sentence, so I ignore this part of the check messages ;))

    This feature of SEO does seem to have a few issues.
    The SEO title of the post is OXO Seal & Store rotary Cheese Grater
    The focus keywords are ” oxo cheese grater”

    The snippet highlights OXO, Cheese, Grater as it should

    focus keyword was not found in
    Article heading – It is there
    Page Title – As you can see they are
    Page URL – it is there
    Content – it is there 3 times
    Meta Description – it is there as well

    It seems to me that if the snippet is being highlighted correctly then the keyword should be located in the various areas correctly

    Another issue I have noticed is with the “&” character. If you have this in the focus keyword then again you will see results similar to the above. Looking at the html the & is converted to &

    In the page analysis I have also noted a problem with images. If you have zero images in your post, then you get a yellow dot saying the images do not have the keyword in the alt tag.

    I am using with the latest production of wordpress (I just started this blog about 2 weeks ago)


    [email address moderated – this forum does not provide support via email]

    I just had the same problem, so I looked at the plugin code:

    It is absolutely necessary to have a <p> tag wrapping your first sentence!
    I usually use the HTML-view for my texts and I noticed that WordPress would automatically wrap my content in <p> tags so I didn’t do it. Once i manually added them, everything worked fine (:

    I am not quite following you (real new wp user here). For the particular article I went into html view. I added the P tags. clicked update. Then had SEO check again. The <p> tags had been stripped out of the text.
    What am I doing wrong?

    I can see where your suggestion will help in the body of the text but I am not sure how it will help in the url, Page Title or Article heading.
    I appreciate all of your input.


    I encountered this same problem on a page which begins with a shortcode.

    Just noticed in my first post where I mentioned the “&” character is converted to &amp. I am not sure if that is a problem or not.

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