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  • Found a Bug.

    If using a Find/Replace (like Better Search Replace), no matter the type of find/replace, it toggles Dambuster off on every page it’s turned on.

    Doesn’t matter if doing a find/replace of a domain (like going from a dev to a production site) or just replacing a string.

    This problem has existed for a while and we can re-create it at will.

    Thought you should be made aware and hopefully this can be fixed in a future release.

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  • Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    The find/replace software must be changing the Dambuster postmeta settings.

    Is this Find/Replace plugin acting directly against the WordPress database?

    Is it just deleting Genesis Dambuster settings rather than toggling them? (Toggling implies switching on Dambuster on pages where it was off)

    I do not know how the find/replace plugin works. This is the plugin we use

    The settings are there, we just need to reactivate Dambuster on pages again (which isn’t fun when it’s a few hundred pages)

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    @vwondra Thanks for that. I will try and reproduce the problem.



    Same thing happens to me, with the exception that the settings are also lost.



    Same here, ran BSR and all of the pages have toggled Dam Buster off.

    Can you provide a function that will toggle on for all pages? Or an SQL query?

    Thanks! This is super frustrating as you can imagine.

    Raising my hand here too – using Better Search Replace to update URLS after a migration or adding an SSL turns off the Enable function on Dambuster and I have to go back through page by page to turn it back on.

    Plugin Author Russell Jamieson


    I tried to reproduce this using Better Search replace V1.3.3 and the latest Genesis Dambuster v1.10.1

    Before running a search/replace on the wp_postmeta table the meta_value for the _genesis_dambuster_template meta_key for a landing page looked like this:

    s:751:"a:23:{s:7:"enabled";s:1:"1";s:8:"disabled";b:0;s:13:"remove_header";s:1:"1";s:25:"remove_primary_navigation";s:1:"1";s:27:"remove_secondary_navigation";s:1:"1";s:19:"remove_entry_header";s:1:"1";s:17:"remove_post_title";s:1:"1";s:17:"remove_post_image";s:1:"1";s:18:"remove_breadcrumbs";s:1:"1";s:16:"remove_edit_link";s:1:"1";s:16:"remove_post_info";s:1:"1";s:16:"remove_post_meta";s:1:"1";s:19:"remove_entry_footer";s:1:"1";s:17:"remove_author_box";s:1:"1";s:15:"remove_comments";s:1:"1";s:18:"remove_after_entry";s:1:"1";s:21:"remove_footer_widgets";s:1:"1";s:13:"remove_footer";s:1:"1";s:17:"remove_background";s:1:"1";s:10:"full_width";s:1:"1";s:14:"enable_helpers";b:0;s:17:"max_content_width";s:4:"1140";s:15:"content_padding";s:9:"40px 30px";}"; |

    It was unchanged after running a search/replace.

    If anyone would like to get on a shared skype session and demo the problem for me that would really help with the diagnosis.



    This right here is how to recreate.

    Better Search Replace to update URLS after a migration or adding an SSL turns off the Enable function on Dambuster and I have to go back through page by page to turn it back on.

    It always happens when migrating from a dev site (hhtp) to a production site (https). So when doing the find/replace I’m going from to

    I don’t have any sites I’m currently ready to launch, but the next time I do (which may be in a few weeks) I can try to record the process.

    Russell – I have a site you can test this on if interested. I’ts on a dev site so I can even give you access if interested.

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