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  • Hi guys,

    The following scenario causes a reliable failure:

    * User adds product to cart, goes through checkout and reaches PayPal payment page

    * At PayPal, user cancels transaction and is taken back to e-shop page (cart content is saved in cookies)

    * Thereafter, when that user tries to check out, the page gets stuck in a loop (when you click “Proceed to confirmation”, you simply end up back on the same page; you can never reach the confirmation page and finish the transaction). This problem persists over browser/session restarts.

    I’ve seen previous reports of the checkout page getting stuck like this, which seemed to be caused by some bug with eshop’s stored cookies; this appears to be a cookie-related coding bug too, since the problem is solved by deleting the cookies for the shop site. However, the user can’t be expected to know that.

    Would be grateful for a swift fix for this; hoping it might uncover the other reasons for “checkout loop” cookie bugs in the process.

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  • Further:

    It’s not even necessary to cancel the PayPal transaction; if you simply get to the PayPal page and then close that window without explicitly cancelling, it creates the same problem. (I.e. the checkout page now goes into a loop if you try to check out again without first deleting the cookies).



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    Thanks for the prompt reply esmi – are there any implications of running eshop without cookies that I should know about?

    (And yes, I can confirm that disabling cookies as suggested above *does* fix the checkout loop problem)



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    Nothing major. It’s just that if someone returns to the site and wants to make another purchase, they’ll have to manually complete the checkout form again. The cookie just held their form details so that the checkout form was automatically re-populated for subsequent purchases.

    I have the same problem.
    Il put :
    add_filter(‘eshop_use_cookie’, ‘myeshopcookie’);
    function myeshopcookie($v) {
    return false;

    in theme’s functions.php file.
    But i have an error message.
    Of course i think i made a mistake.
    Someone can help me ?

    My theme is estore

    Plugin Author elfin


    we do not support anyone using a theme from elegant themes.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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