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    looks like when you try to do a bulk approve/deny from the wp user list you get a “The link you followed has expired.” which happens when Wp nonce verification fails.

    Digging into the code it looks like that you correctly generate the link for inline-approve/deny but when the bulk gets fired you miss the ‘ur_user_change_status’ which fails to pass the verification and kills the request.

    You can find the guilty code in wp-content/plugins/user-registration/includes/admin/class-ur-admin-user-list-manager.php line 130.

    Wp version: 5.8.3
    Plugin: 2.1.2

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    Further inspections showed that even if i temporarily disable the code at line 130 i still get errors since it looks like the code actually expect a single element in that function. It doensn’t check if it’s an array of users so there are multiple things that simply doesn’t work


    Plugin Support Amrit Kumar Shrestha


    Hi @sirion89,

    Thank you for writing back,

    We have tested the bulk action for pending users, but we did not find any issue in our testing environment. It seems that there is a conflict between the plugins. Please deactivate all other plugins except User Registration and see if it works or not. If everything works fine, you can activate other plugins one after another and do test bulk action simultaneously. This will let you know the cause of the error.

    Let us know if it helps or not, and We will get back to you.


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    Hi Amrit,

    thanks for the quick response, i’ve made a new fresh and empty installation of WP with your plugin only and indeed it works as expected.

    I can confirm it’s a compatibility issue with members plugin (https://it.wordpress.org/plugins/members/)

    As soon as i installed that one, it stopped working.

    You can close this.

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