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    Hi and thank you for listening to feedback regarding not sending a new registration mail when admin edits a submission!

    I found a small bug here.

    1. I edit a submission where the user has chosen an option in a drop down list that enables a conditional field.

    2. I change the drop down option to one that doesn’t show that conditional field.

    a) What I expect: The user info from the conditional field should be deleted.
    b) What I get: the user info in the conditional field that when I edit the form isn’t visible any more are still there.

    I also have a second small bug(?) or request:

    When editing a submission you see the same button label as the user sees when he/she registers. It’d be more professional if the button said “Update” or “Save changes” or something similar.

    Once again, thank you for a great plugin and for listening to the feedback of your users!

    With best regards,


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    Hi again!

    This is probably an issue when the user is registering as well.

    If the user chooses an option in a drop down that enables a conditional field and chooses an option in the conditional field and then chooses an other option in the drop down that enables an other conditional field and disables the first conditional field the registering form also saves the info from the first conditional field which shouldn’t be saved.

    I experience this problem some times on my site and when it occurs I have to e-mail the user and ask them which fields are the correct ones.

    Do you understand what I mean?


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    We have noted the issue reported with editing of the drop-down field and will be fixing it within our next 2-3 releases.

    Regarding changing of the button label while editing a submission: it has been added to our road map for possible inclusion in one of the future versions of RegistrationMagic. Thank you for the feedback.

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