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  • Malaiac, since when did the functions for Buddy Press touch the functions for Login with Ajax? The code you have supplied only shows one change i.e., $user->user_nicename

    They don’t, it was just the user case.
    I suspect the same bug may appear on other kinds of setup.
    user_login is not properly sanitized to be used as the main url.

    The plugins that fail with BuddyPress that I have USER_ID failures on don’t fail on login. Could be user role functions that cause the failure.

    Ok, I might have phrased that differently.

    user_login IS NOT SUPPOSED to be used to build an URL (and if you want to, you need to sanitize it)

    user_nicename IS.

    Please either add a safe format to use, or change USERNAME to use user_nicename and not user_login

    I thought I was talking to the plugin author, and was quite baffled to see susanfla2’s answers.

    Markus, if you see this thread, please disregard the chit chat, could we just have a sanitized field to use as URL ? Thanks in advance

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hey @malaiac, is the username John Smith on your example?

    I do see how this can happen, so will address this. However, to not break things for those using this current way already I’d be inclined to add something like %USERNICENAME% or something like thatñ.

    Yes, “John Smith” would be the full name in this example.

    %USERNICENAME% could work , I will change the setting on the client’s website accordingly

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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