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  • I found a quirk that i hope you can address.

    When users register using Maven Member using a username starting with a number ( Example 2testuser ), Maven Member does not display under the “Users” section “2testuser”, it only shows “testuser”.

    This is what it currently shows below in Maven. I suggest that under the USER section, the listing should show the actual USERNAME (2testuser), instead of the first name and last name (testuser).

    testuser—test user–emailaddress–MDR——–chkbox

    I know that you can go into WP USERS section and manually change this, but it would be nice by default to have the User equal the Login Name (2testuser) that was entered, in the USERS section in Maven.

    One other thing that would be nice, when the user puts in their password, they should have to enter in the password twice when registering, to make sure they entered it in correctly.

    I want to thank you for the great work you have done on this plugin. It works really well, addressing the need to have registered and unregistered sections in WordPress I am just offering some suggestions to make it your plugin even better in your next release.


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