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  • If you go to the menu item list » click the ‘edit price’ link » change the price, then that price is updated and a second price is added too (refresh the list to see it).

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    Hi jpnl,

    I just tested it to make sure and that’s definitely not happening. Are you, by any chance, clicking the “Add Price” link instead of the “Update Price” button?


    It definitely does happen, and no I don’t click the add price link. If I do that, then it results in 4 in stead of 2 prices. But I just noticed it doesn’t happen with each item when I change a few of them right after each other. Here is a screen cast for your to see what I do and what happens.

    It’s not just this (demo) website, I see this behavior on multple sites.


    I have had this happen as well.

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Thank you for providing that video, I was able to reproduce this issue on my end as well. We’ll work to get a fix out later this week so that editing prices works as expected in the list table.

    Ok, thank you!

    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    Hello @jpnl,

    We’ve just released an update (version 2.0.5) that corrects this issue. Thank you for your help.

    Hi there, thanks for the quick fix!
    Unfortunately I can still reproduce it when adding a second price.
    See here


    Plugin Author Rustaurius


    I was not able to reproduce the issue on my test site running version 2.0.5 of the plugin. You can view my screen recording here:

    Can you confirm that you are using version 2.0.5? If so, then it’s probably a caching issue. Make sure to refresh the page multiple times and clear your browser cache. Also, if you have any caching plugins, make sure to clear the cache in them and/or temporarily deactivate them to check.

    Yes I can confirm that I can still reproduce it with 2.0.5.
    Caching plugin disabled.
    Using Chrome with DevTools open en caching disabled in Chrome)

    It doesn’t happen every time though, but in about 10~30% of the changes.
    I can’t find any logic between when it does/doesn’t happen.


    Plugin Support jaysupport


    I think the issue could be specific to your site. Does it only occur with items you created before updating? As a test, could you create a new item and see if the issue ever occurs?

    Also, since you had dev tools open while debugging, were there any error messages in the console when the issue occurred?

    Could you enable the debug mode and enable error logging so that, if any error is causing this issue, the logs would help us understand it in more detail? You could enable the debug mode either by editing the “wp-config.php” file ( or by using a plugin such as You could forward us the section of the log file that shows the errors related to this issue, which would help us understand the plugin or the problem that might be causing this issue.

    I would recommend recreating the issue just to make sure it gets logged.

    Hi again,

    It is not specific to my site. I first noticed it on a site of a customer when updating their menu. Then I started to test and I can reproduce it on a test site and a demo site too.

    I can reproduce it with new and existing menu items when I edit the price from within the menu item list.

    There are no error messages show in Chrome Dev Console.

    There are no errors logged when I enable WP Debug.


    Plugin Support jaysupport


    Hi JP,

    I’m not sure what to tell you at this point. We found what was causing that issue and corrected it. There’s nothing left in the code for that quick price edit feature that should cause this kind of behaviour.

    Perhaps, if there is anyone else out there who is still experiencing this issue after the update (and after clearing all cache [browser and WordPress]), they might chime in here with a few more details on how it’s happening for them and exactly how we can recreate it.

    Without any other clues, the only thing I can suggest is to make sure there is absolutely no caching (at the browser, WordPress or server level) that might be affecting this and, if there isn’t, to just open the menu item edit screen and edit the price from there, instead of using the quick edit feature.

    Strange. Could it be that the change didn’t end up in the published build?

    I have tried everything I can think of that might be causing this and I can consistently reproduce this behavior.
    – disabled the caching
    – disabled all plugins
    – disabled browser cashing in dev tools
    – reinstalled the plugin from the repo

    I can even reproduce it on a clean site with the default 2020 theme when I do a fresh install of the plugin from the repo and create items with the new wizard.

    Do you want access to that site to see for yourself?





    I am having the same issue with a newly installed version (v 2.1.0). Some prices get duplicated.

    Did you solve it @jpnl? Any other idea why this could be happening, @jaysupport?


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    @jandradas @jaysupport
    It still happens in all of my websites with v 2.1.0 of this plugin.

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