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  • I’m currently playing around with different way of moderating posts. It has been suggested to me that I place users in the Contributor group (Role), should I want to use an approval process for posts. While the feature could be better, it’s good enough for now. However, I need to be able to use my own customized Roles (using the “Role Manager” plugin), as I need more control over the restrictions. The supposed bug is that even if I create a Role that is identical to the contributor Role, users with that Role won’t be able to have their drafts approved.

    The fix would be to display every draft saved by every user who does not have the publish posts capability, instead of only those belonging to users with the Contributor Role.

    A better fix would be to implement a better Post Moderation system (as has been suggested by others before), where a user without publishing rights has a “submit for approval” instead of a “publish” button, which would allow a user to save drafts without risking to have them published before completion. If a proper queue system is also implemented, it would help the admin/editor with the approval process too.

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  • A contributor (or anyone) can mark their post Private instead of Draft if they don’t want it to be up for approval yet. It won’t show in anyone else’s ‘others drafts’ list.

    btw, I wouldn’t call this a bug. It’s supposed to work this way. Authors can self publish, Contributors can’t. I do see the merit in having some expanded functionality in this area though.

    You would benefit from the Role Manager Plugin:

    Samboll: The “bug” specifically occurs when you use Role Manager and create your own Role which has similar features as the Contributor Role; you’re able to save drafts, but they won’t show up as “others drafts” for an admin/editor, thus rendering said admin/editor unable to approve it. For some reason, the draft has to be submitted by someone with the Contributor Role (not anyone with edit capabilities that lacks publishing capabilities), in order for an admin/editor to be able to process it.

    If you want to try it out yourself, do the following:

    Install and activate Role Manager.
    Create a new Role with identical capabilities as Contributor.
    Create a new user.
    Assign the new user to the new Role.
    Write something as the new user and save it.
    Log in as admin.
    Notice the draft doesn’t show up under “others drafts”.
    Change the Role of the new user to Contributor.
    Check “others drafts” again, it should show up.

    Wow! You’re correct. I slightly misunderstood your 1st post.
    I’m going to try to contact the author about this.

    samboll: If you’re going to contact the author of Role Manager, I don’t think he’ll be able to do much (except maybe write an “ugly” workaround). I haven’t looked at the code, but my guess is that it’s the WP code that checks for the Role name (Contributor), rather than its Capabilities. In other words, the original code doesn’t take plugins such as Role Manager into account.

    The reason as to why I haven’t filed a bug report yet is because this could be considered a “feature”, or a way of making sure that the restriction is limited to the intended Role, which is fine as long as you’re not using any plugins.

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