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    Reported on github here:

    TLDR: GUI makes it seem you can enable permissions to read private posts associated with certain Categories but it doesn’t effect.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create new Group and add these specific permissions: All post types | Read | Enable | Private visibility | Categories
    2. Delegate Group to a User
    3. Test User: Private posts associated with given categories are not shown

    Enabling or limiting reading of non-private posts works fine.

    I don’t find documentation that this is a paid feature, is it though?

    GUI makes it seem these permissions are supported. Is this a bug or am I missing something?


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  • Plugin Support Riza Maulana Ardiyanto


    Hi @ingridskard

    What are you trying to achieve here?

    Read is for the front end. While for the backend (WP-admin) you should use Edit instead.

    For example, I try to limit them on specific category:

    When I logged in to that user, I saw a post associated to that categories even the private post.

    Thread Starter ingridskard


    Hey, thanks for getting back.

    I have logged-in users who need to read posts and pages in my front-end. They log in, but they don’t access admin. So this issue about post visibility/read access, not create/edit/list access.

    My users are members of different lodges, where lodge admins can create/publish private or public posts. These posts will be associated with a category representing their lodge on create.

    I want non-admin lodge members to be able to see private posts from lodges they are a member of but only public posts from all other lodges.

    Public posts are visible to all logged-in members by default, so I’m all good there. It is only granting access to private posts via Groups that is not working.

    On top of that I can’t edit the permissions after I store them, which may be an indication that the configuration is not reasonable. GUI gives the impression it is reasonable/possible which is why I thought it could be a bug.

    Do you know how to achieve this, please advise. I’m happy to get the paid plugin, just need to know I’ll be able to use this plugin to achieve this specific visibility control.

    Plugin Support Riza Maulana Ardiyanto


    I confirm this configuration works to enable reading private posts for specific user role

    Thread Starter ingridskard


    Aw man it works TYSM 😍

    Tested and works with post type (all) as well.

    Plugin Support Riza Maulana Ardiyanto


    Glad to hear that 💪

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