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    I’m not sure from when but recently our PayPal IPN setting in PayPal has been being disabled by PayPal as some messages are “failing”.

    These failing IPNs are manually taken transactions via PayPal here which we have been taking for 3+ years. When the IPN hits stageshow it looks to be seeing that these are not for it and rejecting them hence PayPal is “failing” them. 100 fails and PayPal DISABLE your IPN messages sending which is a nightmare for people who have booked tickets as there is no update to the site to say they have paid.

    Is there a way Malcolm to have stageshow accept all IPNs but discard the ones that aren’t for it? I.e. PayPal Here IPNs?

    I’m not sure if PayPal has updated something or whether something has changed in the merge of gold and plus to stageshow but it’s happened twice and is causing a real headache.

    I can provide some PayPal here IPN messages if this would help?

    Many thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

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  • Plugin Author Malcolm


    StageShow will send a request to PayPal to verify every IPN message that receives, and that is the only message that it sends if the IPN is “for StageShow” or not.

    I would check what IPN information PayPal can give you. Login to paypal and then go to the following URL:

    Click on the message number to see the details of each IPN, which should give you details of any errors.

    Hi Malcolm,

    RESOLVED, but maybe still an issue for others perhaps?

    I didn’t see a link in your reply but I assume you mean the IPN History page?

    I’ve just had a look there and seen a 404 on the messages that use the IPN URL which is in paypal, this is:

    I realise that stageshowGOLD is no longer a directory. I have had a look at the successful sent items and Stageshow obviously passes the URL to passIPNs back to it which is:

    I have changed this old stageshowgold URL to the url above and stageshow is receiving and acknowledging all IPN’s now.

    Many thanks for the pointer,

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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