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  • lalwende



    I tried to log into after some time and I forgot my password. It happens, that’s what the various reset password functions are for 🙂 Unfortunately there is a bug with link you send in the email requesting a reset. Modified quote from the email:

    To reset your password, visit the following address:


    The programme that sends the email underlines the link starting from https: BUT! ends it with > and thus when I was clicking the link I was getting invalid key error. I have spotted the issue (obviously, otherwise I couldn’t have been posting this ;)) and I thought I might notify you about it as some people might encounter the same bug.

    Have a good one!

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  • Moderator Steven Stern (sterndata)


    Support Volunteer

    Interesting. I tested this and the link is clickable and correct with my mail client (Thunderbird) and when clicked using gmail (on the web). What mail client are you using?



    I was not using a client but logged through the web to my email account. The &gt part of the link above is the > that was still underlined (and it shouldn’t be). It’s curious that this is not easily reproduced. I didn’t encounter this issue with other platforms when I needed to reset a password, but it could be that the > at the end made the website client show me the link incorrectly.

    Thank you for verifying, at least it’s not a common issue!

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    This is actually the same password reset process that the WordPress core itself uses. The link is indeed surrounded by < > marks, but I’ve never seen an email client which makes those part of the link itself.

    If you can reproduce this, or find cases where the link is incorrect, then it might be worth bringing it up as a core ticket, to change WordPress to have spaces surrounding that, to prevent such issues.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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