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    Is it possible to carry the username on the pages?
    As the plugin is structured, orientation is sometimes lost in the sense of Log.
    If I am looking for friends in the main group, I cannot understand as a user where my name is.
    Am I logged in?
    I’m not logged in !!!
    It is important to carry your username with you once you have logged in, perhaps with a green bubble indicating online user.
    Or is there already a way I don’t know?
    Thanks again for what you do.

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    Hello @alexbyby,

    You may display the WordPress toolbar if the user is logged in on the site. You may refer to the following steps to display the toolbar to logged in users :

    1) Login to WordPress dashboard, go to “ProfileGrid >> Global Settings >> General” menu.

    2) Disable the option “Hide WordPress Toolbar” and save it.

    Or you may use the “ProfileGrid Login” widget on the site to show the logged in user.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.

    It’s not the right answer I’m sorry.
    I try to be more precise.
    When you log into Facebook, the first thing that appears at the top is our Fotina with our name.
    This was what I meant.
    It’s possible?

    Plugin Support profilegrid0


    Hello @alexbyby,

    This feature is not available as of now. We have noted this suggestion and forwarded it to our management team for further review and analysis.

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