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  • Hi,

    I’m using Wordpres Multisite 3.5.1 and Cimy User Extra Fields 2.5.0.

    I’ve read the installation instructions for WordPress Multisite (option 2). Doing exactly what the 2nd option says everything seems to work ok until I edit a user (being the superadmin, I’ve not tested being other user with different role). When I’m on the user profile, I change some data and them push the “update” button; on that moment I can see two Warnings and nothing else (but the data gets saved).

    After some testing I figured out that if I activate the plugin network-wide instead of activating it only on the site I want it, then I can edit users without any issue.

    So, there are two options:

    • You missed to tell in the instructions for the second option that we must activate this plugin network-wide.
    • There is a bug that causes the described error on the described situation.

    Try to solve this, please. Thank you in advance! 😉

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  • Moreover, I’ve detected that with your plugin active when the superadmin creates a new user from “Users –> Add new” on “”, the new user goes to the base WordPress Multisite site ( and not to the current site where he is creating the user for ( If I disable your plugin network-wide, then users created for “” stay on “” users list.

    I’m not sure if this is related or not with my last post, that’s because I’ve not started a new one.

    Plugin Author Marco Cimmino


    1. Which _exact_ warning/error you get?
    2. Plug-in does not change the Add new behaviour, I doubt deactivating it, changes something.

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