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  • 2010 is a very good theme overall and I want to stick with it instead of changing it. It’s almost perfect, visually, for a poetry blog. But it has a feature I don’t like. (In my previous comments, I wrote asking if this feature was a bug or not. After some comparisons and looking around, I found it’s not a bug, but a choice of the theme authors.) And this feature consists in removing line-breaks in the text of certain pages like search result pages, archives pages, tags & categories pages. On the other hand, line-breaks are preserved in regular pages, like posts pages, etc. To make my point clear even visually, there are some examples below:
    This is what my poetry blog normally looks: my blog. And this is what a normal post looks like: a random post. Everything is fine to this point. And here’s the feature I don’t like. This is one of those pages (I’m choosing a random tag in my blog, to make my point): a random tag page, where the line-breaks disappear. As you can see, at this link (the tag page) the break-lines disappear and you have as a result a single line of words instead of a poetry text. This happens in all the tag pages, all the category pages, even in all search results. (And this happens too when you share any normal post or page to social services like Google+, Facebook or else using the Publicize feature or by simply sharing them.) This is the feature I dislike of 2010 theme. This does not happen, for example, in 2011 theme.
    I wish the authors of 2010 theme give some thought to the above-mentioned feature and merge the 2011 theme behavior in this respect with that of 2010.
    p.s. There are two themes that I know that don’t present the feature I mentioned, Twenty Eleven and the new Penscratch. They both read correctly break-lines in tag pages, category pages and the similar.

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  • hi

    im running the same theme but i cant figure out how to add categories under the header image?


    I suppose you have posted in the wrong place. If you wish to get help from the administrators, post your question again at the theme’s main page. Anyway, regarding your problem:
    1) if you want to add categories at the right side of your blog (at the main widget area), go to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and there you can add Categories or Category Cloud (whichever you intent) to the Primary Widget Area. (2010 has a Secondary Widget area, too, but if you change your mind later and change the theme, you will lose your settings, because many themes don’t have e Secondary one.)
    2) if you want to add categories under the header image as a menu, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus and create a new menu. Then activate it. After that, you can add any page you want, including individual chosen Categories from the left bars at this menu on the right bar, which will replace the default menu and appear under the header image.
    However, it’s better if you ask the administrators of the theme forum for further help.

    Thanks, this helped me a lot!

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