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    I installed & setup this plugin using an administrator user “Admin”….I have another user called “2ndadmin” and he’s an administrator too. However, when trying to setup this plugin, I’m getting a message saying only user with id=1 (which in my case is user “admin”) can make changes.

    This is a BUG. Can this be fixed? Cause If I someday were to remove user “admin” which I’m thinking of for security reasons with Bot Attacks, I may be stuck. And No other plugin I’ve used every disallows me to update settings using any other user that has administrator previliges!

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  • This is not a bug, it is because you have enabled ‘Share with all users’ in the easy setup section (it doesn’t matter if the user that ticked is administrator or not or if other users are administrators or not). If you want to switch account, you’ll have to authorize the plugin from the other account (and untick the option for the original account and tick it again for the new account).

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    Hello Marcel. Thanks for responding so quick. Well, I do want to share my Facebook plugin for All users. I want all their comments to go to the Facebook account & come back to my site so I get the swarming effect for my SEO. I cannot have users create their own Facebook settings.

    So what has that setting got to do with preventing a legitimate Administrator from making changes to settings. If anything, when “Share with all users” is enabled, I would expect at the very least ANY Administrator user (not other users) to be able to change these settings and if I’m NOT sharing these setting then I would expect only the specific user to change these settings.

    Would you be able to enhance the plugin this way?

    Unfortunately that is not possible, because the plugin is a multi-user plugin. The Facebook authorization is tied to the WordPress user. A WordPress administrator is ‘just’ a WordPress user with more permissions, but that doesn’t change the fact the authorization is tied to an(other admin) account.

    I’ve continued this thread on the forum on your website, please respond here:

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