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  • Corrado Prever


    Hi Jordy

    The last version was fine on Evolution Slider but I just tested on several browser and noted that Evolution Slider + Meow Lightbox still are conflicting using IE11.

    No idea why.

    If I use the old plugin version 1.4.6 all is fine

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  • Also experiencing issues with IE11 as well. Mine is not with Evolution Slider but with Gravity Forms and various other plugins on several pages. Here’s the specific error in console:

    var mwlController=new MwlController(settings);
    ‘MwlController’ is undefined

    When Meow Lightbox is disabled, the rest of the site functions as normal.

    I hope Jordy will fix soon this issue, I rolled back to an old version of the plugin

    Plugin Contributor Thomas


    Hello @artphotoasia @fleckebk,

    Sorry for the delayed reply, so it seems that the issue is that IE11 doesn’t recognize the Class syntax in Javascript that we have switched to.

    I’ve added some retro-compatibility for IE11, and now I can open the Lightbox, however I was wondering if for you the Lightbox had been displayed correctly on IE11 before? Mine is definitely not displaying correctly, but it seems that this issue is purely CSS related so I’m assuming that it had always been a bug?

    Best regards,

    Hey @kywyz,

    I only recently started using your plugin, so can’t confirm if it ever worked. I was alerted by a user it was a problem, b/c I usually stick with Chrome and Firefox (desktop) and Safari (iOS). When do you plan on pushing the update for the the free and pro version?


    Hi Thomas with the old version 1.4.6 all is fine.

    Hope that with the next release will be fine.

    Good job!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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