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    I’ve only just started with The Events Calendar. I have 3 events. One in March (past) and two in May (upcoming). April (now) has no events.

    I have changed my URL to Engagements from Events. On the Events (Engagements) page it displays fine: and shows the events in May.


    When I press “Previous Events” it also displays fine.


    But when I am on previous events and press “Next Events”, every time I do that it increments the tribe_paged counter.


    As I only have items on tribe_paged=1 it returns “There were no results found.” for all subsequent pages.

    This shouldn’t be incrementing the page counter when going from the past to upcoming, only from upcoming to next upcoming or past to previous past. It should always be 1 when going from past to upcoming.

    I’m not missing something am I? I’m on the latest release (as of today).


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  • It’s actually worse than just that. Previous Events link does not load pages earlier than 1.


    This just stays at tribe_paged=1 no matter how many times press the Previous Events link.

    This renders this plugin useless for archives which is essential to me.

    I’m on 3.8.1 of WordPress and latest TEC (3.5.1)


    I have the same problem.

    It jumps to:
    instead of

    I’m on 3.8.2 of WordPress
    any idea?


    I am also having the same issue since past few days and this thing is happening in all of my event calendar installs. I have everything updated to the latest and even tried to switch to default wordpress theme to test if its theme issue, still same issue even deleted and re installed the plugin but still no change. Please help me also to resolve the issue.

    here is the link to my event calender:



    Howdy folks,

    I am very sorry, that is actually a bug introduced in a recent version of our plugin. 🙁 We have it logged as a high priority fix. It will likely be fixed in our next release, if not the one after. Keep an eye on the changelog of our future plugin updates for a fix.

    – Brook

    I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. Cheeked this forum at the end of last week and couldn’t find any mention of it. Just done a clean, vanilla installation of WP and the Events Calendar plugin as final test ( and was just about to start a new thread here when I found it was a known bug.

    I hope this is fixed soon as I’m developing a site for a client and can’t really demo it until this is sorted.


    I actually had to switch to another solution. I used Timely’s All in One Event Calendar instead. That seems to have worked but they have a plugin issue – one line of code has to be commented out – the one causing the problem – that’s a known issue. The rest seemed ok.

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Thanks for your patience folks. Maria, I’m sorry to hear you had to switch to a different solution. I hope we can win back your support in the future 🙂


    Plugin Contributor faction23


    Hey everyone. So sorry for this issue, there was a code change when we went responsive that broke past view ajax and it slipped through. I’ve patched this and it will ship with the next release.

    If you need to patch this for now it can be done so by doing a template override on the list view nav template part. if anyone is desperate for that let me know and i can supply instructions.

    @faction23: I would LOVE to get instructions on that!! 🙂


    Plugin Contributor faction23


    Hey MariaKim! OK, the fix is outlined here:

    as you can see you would need to do a template override on views/list/nav.php

    are you familiar with our template overrides?

    yep, i did a template override (with a heavy changed template *gg).

    Works a treat! 🙂

    Thankx alot!

    Plugin Contributor faction23


    Awesome! As said this fix will be included in the upcoming release. Thanks everyone for your understanding.

    Thanks for that. I’ve used the new nav template and the issue appears to be resolved.

    But one further comment—and perhaps you would consider this to be a feature request rather than a bug report, but prior to trying this fix I had assumed it was all part of the same issue.

    Navigating between pages of listed events uses AJAX and relies entirely on JavaScript. With JS disabled it is not possible to page any further forward in time than the initial view (with the next occurring event at the top of the page) or further back in time than just one page. Whatever page you are on within the calendar, the ‘Previous Events’ link always has an href property of ‘events/past’ (without any query string) and the ‘Next Events’ link always has an href property of ‘events/upcoming’ (again with no query string). This clearly had accessibility issues and SEO issues.

    Whilst I’m not sure the genuine extent of any accessibility issues as almost every device now has JS enabled, the SEO issues seem to be quite clear and pages other than the initial and the one previous to it will be invisible to crawlers. I understand that crawlers are becoming more AJAX aware, but only if the site supports the AJAX crawling scheme, which this plugin does not.

    It may be that this is a conscious decision by the developers, but if so, that seems strange, considering the plugin uses hCalendar microformats for SEO, but on pages which the crawlers can’t see.

    Surely the simple solution would be to have genuine links with query strings as fallbacks for search engines and anyone else without JavaScript.

    Comments from the developers on this would be appreciated. Specifically, is this a known issues which is due to be resolved in an upcoming release? And if not, why not?



    Howdy WebSmithery,

    That is indeed a feature request. It is something we also would like to see changed and have begun working on. Thanks for helping us improve the plugin, feedback is always welcome.

    If you have any other feature requests, our official request page is found here:


    – Brook

    Plugin Contributor leahkoerper


    Hi there,

    I just wanted to let you know that we have been working diligently on a fix for this issue. Our next release (3.6) will be available soon and should correct this problem. Please keep an eye on your Plugins and Updates pages for a version update. If you are still having problems after updating, please start a new thread with the details and we can assist you.


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