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  • Hey. I have used your plugin on a number of installations. However, on one there is a bug. When I click on the link to view a report, the popup window opens but it is blank. The emails have been sent out to the recipients and everything else is working ok. However, the report is blank.

    Any idea what is causing this bug and how it might be fixed?

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  • @eventualo I’m still trying to get this problem resolved. A friend of mine who is a software developer also help me a bit, here is what we’ve discovered so far:

    The file ‘alo-easymail-admin-report.php’ has a code line that fails.

    It is:

    if ( !current_user_can( “edit_newsletters” ) ) wp_die( __(‘Cheatin’ uh?’) );

    My guess is the problem is not that the administrator does not have this capability enabled but that the current user is not accessible in the iframe.

    If you add the code: $cuX = wp_get_current_user(); above the current_user_can() and test for the user, its an empty object. Also is_user_logged_in() returns false. This is likely related to why this does not work on my live server.

    The question now is how can I hand over the current logged User (UserID) to a iframe?
    I think resolving this would fix my problem.
    Any ideas on how to resolve this?

    Thanks for your help so far.

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    It is not plugin or theme related in my case. Your plugin was working fine on another hosting with exactly the same configuration. It was only after I migrated to a new host that the problem of not being able to see the Report appeared.

    Thanks very much for your responses and efforts to resolve the problem, however I still need a solution…

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    I have resolved this issue. I set up xampp on my computer. I then migrated my live install to a local install. I then deactivated all plugins. I identified that the issue is not coming from your plugin but rather a conflict with a plugin called: Plugin Load Filter. I have reported the conflict to the author.

    Thanks very much for your input and assistance to resolve the issue.

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    FYI, I posted the following in the support thread for the Plugin Load Filter:


    After extensive testing I have identified that your plugin has a conflict with ALO Easy Mail plugin.

    If you set ALO Easy Mail to run in admin only it works but you cannot view newsletter reports.

    You can read my comments about this problem in this support thread:

    The problem can be resolved by running ALO Easy Mail in Normal Load.

    But that is not ideal. It would be better if you can run in Admin only because it is only used when you are in admin to send out newsletters.

    Any chance you can have a look at this conflict and fix it?

    Kind Regards


    Hi @eventualo, problem resolved form the end too!
    Thank you for all you effort in trying to help me. AS I suspected from the start the culprit was the directory name change of wp-content, after trying everything and nothing seems to work, I decided to change the directory name back to wp-content, then I was able to click and view the report!

    I would just have to implement other security features without changing the “wp-content” directory.

    Again much appreciation, and thanks for a wonderful newsletter plugin!

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