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  • janubande007


    Hello. I just started using this plugin as I was exploring Breadcrumbs with the Weaver Theme and I was reporting a bug there. It so turned out that Breadcrumbs with Yoast WordPress SEO also has the same Bug! Please see this link for the entire discussion about this bug and below is the original report. How soon can we expect to get a fix, given that I’ve actually seen more than a couple of people report problems with the Breadcrumbs on this Forum.

    I have created a the following nested category: A Parent – “Photography”, 2 Children – “Event”, “Wedding”. So, when I create a 2 posts, 1 that belongs to “Event” & another belonging to “Wedding” I also check off “Photography” for both posts, so that parent & child categories are displayed below the post in the category listing, that the posts are part of. However, the Breadcrumbs navigation seems to have some issue with this.

    For the 1st Post in the “Event” Category, breadcrumbs rightly displays “Home -> Blog -> Photography -> Event -> Post Title 1” however, for the 2nd post, breadcrumbs wrongly displays “Home -> Blog -> Photography -> Post Title 2″….i.e. it skips the “Wedding” child category from the breadcrumbs! If I rename the “Wedding” category to “AWedding” then the breadcrumb properly displays “Home -> Blog -> Photography -> AWedding -> Post Title 2”.

    PS…If “Wedding” (or AWedding) was not a child of category “Photography” (and both were checked), then I can live with any one category being displayed in the breadcrumb navigation, thats understandable, however, when categories are nested, I would expect the parent-child category tree to be traversed all the way, in the breadcrumbs.

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