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  • Help, my Weblog isn’t valid!
    Why? Because I used

  • several times in my latest article (and the code is still like that when I choose “Edit”), but when the page is generated, WordPress removes the tags. (This doesn’t just happen on the front page — it also happens on an archived article.)
    Why is it doing this? (FWIW, I have use_balanceTags set to false.)

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  • I *think* (I’m searching right now) that in XHTML, you can’t use < p > inside of a
    < li > element.
    I’ll check into it and post back ASAP.

    A < p > – paragraph is a “block level” element while a < li > is not. A block level element is higher on the hierarchy, and therefore it cannot be contained by an element that is lower in the hierarchy. I can’t find specific documentation that matches up this scenario, but this is my understanding.
    Basically it’s a broken semantic rule. I *think.* Just dump the < p > tags temporarily and see if it validates.

    Fixed and committed.

    Thanks for the clarification. I was searching everywhere I could think of for something last night…I could find rules for each seperately, but not combined.
    Now I just have to unlearn what I have learned. I must use The Force….

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