Bug is fixed, but fix never rolls out! (3 posts)

  1. circuitor
    Posted 4 years ago #

    There is a bug related to the gallery that was reported almost 2 years ago. The fix was uploaded to Trac almost a year ago. But the fix has still not been applied to any past release or future release.

    Anybody know why this is?

    The bug i'm referring to is located in Trac here:

    It is referenced in the following forum posts:
    Here and here and here.

    All of these threads have been closed, but the issue still exists as of WP 3.2.1.

    As you can guess from the forum threads, I have been following this issue from the beginning and this bug has been annoying me for a long time. :)

    What do we gotta do to get this patch applied to a forthcoming version?

  2. The patch isn't complete. If you read teh whole trac ticket, you'll see if has some issues.

    So the answer is: The ticket isn't closed, and will remain open and unimplemented until it's fully fixed.

  3. circuitor
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hey Ipstenu,
    Thanks for the explanation.
    Now I get it. :)

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