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  • Resolved Justin Watt


    I’m using a modified version of your plugin, and I realized that your use of preg_split will almost always evaluate to true (because a non-empty array evals to true), resulting in balanceTags being run on all content again.

    It would be more correct if you did something like this:

    $split = preg_split( '#<p><span id=\"more-\d+\"><\/span></p>#', $content, 2 );
    if ( count( $split ) == 2 ) {

    Also note: I added the paragraph-tags to your regex pattern, because WordPress adds those in. Otherwise, you get an empty paragraph left behind.

    The reason I modified your plugin is I wanted some indication in the feed that there was more content to read on the site. So in that if statement I added the following line:

    $content .= "<p>Continue Reading <a href='" . get_permalink() . "'>" . get_the_title_rss() . "</a> ยป</p>";

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  • Plugin Author Micah Wood



    Thanks for the feedback. I just released a new version of the plugin with a continue reading link and noticed your comment. Apparently I hadn’t configured support messages to go to my email.

    As I said, I just released a new version. I have updated my code to use the correct logic to detect whether a split has or has not taken place, but that will be in the next release. I will give it a little time before my next release to see what feedback I get on how the continue reading link was implemented.

    I am not seeing WordPress add in an extra p tag around the ‘more’ span. Using your exact code on my test content resulted in no split at all. I wonder if your theme or another plugin is adding that extra markup?


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