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  • Hi,

    i cretaed a custom page template as before with this code:

    Template Name: Foto Gallery

    After i edited my page and i looked for the dropdown menu with all the available template…but in the editor there is not any menu for doing this.

    SO i opened the quick editor of the page and i found the drop down menu in here…but doest work…

    Please help me !


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  • Solved….my error….

    sorry… but what was the problem… I am in the same situation on a 2.8.4

    same situation here. can you please tell us the solution?

    ok, solution found:

    in Appearance – Templates, change the template to Default, then back to your template, and the dropdown with the custom templates will appear in the Attributes box.

    this is weird…a bug maybe? or some caching error?

    There could be many different solutions depending upon what caused the problem.

    1. Make sure that your custom template file starts with:

    Template Name: My Template Name

    2. Name the file something like mytemplate.php. No spaces or strange characters. And definitely no replicating an existing file name.

    3. Upload the new custom file to your current theme’s folder – wp-content/theme/theme_name

    4. Look for the template in Edit/Add New Page under the Attributes tab.

    hi esmi,
    thanks for your help.

    i made custom templates several times in older WP versions, exactly how you describe it, but now it just wouldn`t work.

    the only solution i`ve found is the one in my previous message.

    i`m using a clean 2.8.4 WP version, not an auto upgrade.

    That fix does sound like sort sort of caching problem. Wonder if it’s server specific?

    i`m working on my localhost, and used forced refresh too.
    i found the solution in an other discussion:

    it seems that other people have the same problem (and solution) too.

    Yep, definitely a bug. I upgraded using automatic upgrade to 2.8.4 and it seemed to partially forget which theme I was using. It still applied to the site just fine but the custom templates dropdown only showed the default.

    When I went to Appearance–>Themes my only installed theme was listed under “Available Themes” instead of “Current Theme” — as if it wasn’t applied.

    I clicked “Apply” (or “Activate” — can’t remember the exact wording) and it fixed this problem. And now my only theme appears under Current Theme and the Available Themes area says “You only have one theme installed at the moment so there is nothing to show you here. Maybe you should download some more to try out.”

    Are you people using Gears?


    I’ve experienced pretty much the same situation following an autoupgrade to 2.8.4.

    It seemed to forgot my theme, too, as described by Thomas Callahan. And once I figured that out and re-selected my theme, the site rendered again.

    But…. there was a frantic 40-some minutes there while my site was down, Googling possibilities, before I decided to look at the Themes folder and see if perhaps I could revive the blog by selecting “classic.” That’s when I saw that my regular customized theme was not selected. None was.

    Sure wish WordPress would include a “rollback” function in the autoupgrade process for when an upgrade fails, which has happened to me several times. But, of course, if they had a rollback feature, I wonder if I’d ever bother to figure out what went wrong with the upgrade and try it again?

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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