• Hey there,

    Just getting started with this plugin, and looks really great! Running into a few small bugs though.

    Once that is pressing right now, is on the profile page. When our users visit the profile page, then click “Upload a photo”, they see some incorrect / raw misplaced HTML code under the file max notice, and the submit/cancel buttons are broken.

    Looking at the core/um-fields.php file, near 1470 (and another instance), I see the call for:


    The $upload_text variable does not seem to be set anywhere in any of the plugin files. Removing this variable from those two lines resolve the issue.

    Is this something that will be fixed in an update (so I don’t have to modify core files)?



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  • It’s not a UM issue/bug as far as the thousands of current users is concerned…

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    Well thank you so much! That’s extremely helpful!

    Are you actually on the dev team for this plugin?

    No, but did you search for this topic before posting a “bug”?

    I have created customised fields but its not reflecting in the edit profile tab.Can you help me


    What you say is perfectly correct about this error data-max_files_error=”You can only upload one image” data-upload_help_text=””>Upload

    i just removed the variable ‘.$upload_text.’ what you said, Now it is worked perfectly Thanks lot!

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    I have the same problem, can someone explain where can I Look at the core/um-fields.php file in the WordPress or in ultimate member plugin


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