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    First thanks for your great plugin.

    Let me explain the bug I discovered :
    – I made Custom Post Type single template with Elementor and want to show ACF fields in certains conditions
    – Everything’s fine excepts in this kind of case :

    • I made a section with one column. In this column, I put a static “title” elementor widget (always the same for every posts) and a “content editor” filled with ACF text content (we can call it the “X”).

    • If I want to hide entire section with conditional check on “X” field (if empty, don’t show the section). It first look fine in editor and on frontend of the website.

    But, but, but…if you reload the editor page (eg. if you want to edit your template later), Elementor doesn’t load well. It triggers a Javascript error on backbone.marionette.min.js :
    “Constructor {name : “ViewDestroyedError”, message “View (cid: “view1033″) has already been destroyed and cannot be used.”, stack…….}
    This errors causes others problem to edit the template (I loose a template because of this)

    Some precisions:
    • If I remove my condition on section and reload my editor, everything’s fine.
    • If I put the same condition on the “title” widget to hide it, everything’s fine.
    • If I put the same condition on an other section (which is not filled by an ACF field), everything’s fine and the section is hidden when necessary

    I hope you can reproduce the bug.

    Do you think it’s a big deal ?
    Thanks in advance if you can take a look 😉

    I’m with last version of Elementor & Elementor Pro:
    Elementor : 2.5.14
    Elementor Pro : 2.5.5

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  • Plugin Author rtowebsites


    Hello @laboiteare,

    thank you for reporting this bug.

    This Bug is already known for us and its not about this Plugin. Always when you use a Dynamic Tag on a Section (background image) the Marionette.js View get destroyed, if u reload the editor everything will be fine again.

    It is an Elementor bug and we have already reported it to the Elementor support some weeks ago. Meanwhile you can just work with this bug. You just need to save and reload the editor and everything will work fine again.

    We let this Issue open so everyone can see it.

    If you need any further help, just let us know.

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    Hello @rtowebsites ,

    Thanks for your answer.

    No, I don’t think we’re talking about the strictly same bug.
    To trigger the bug I reported, I must set a conditional (with your plugin) to a section which contains the same ACF field as Dynamic Tag in a element (like a text content or a gallery).

    When I set this conditional field for the first time, nothing bad is triggered in debug console. But, if I reload, then I have the javascript error (and editor don’t load normally ; it’s usable but impacted sections are opacified)

    On the other hand, if I have the misfortune to delete a section that has triggered an error, it can create cascading errors and crash the entire presentation (as I could experience…)

    I’m not native english speaker, so I hope you’re understanding what I mean.

    Plugin Author rtowebsites


    Hello @laboiteare,
    we tried to reproduce your bug.

    1. We added a ACF text field “test” with the input “frankfurt” on a post.
    2. We added a Heading widget with the Dynamic Tag “test” in it.
    3. We set on Section, Column and the Widget the Condition if the ACF field “test” is empty do hide/show (tested in both ways).

    Maybe you got any other plugins, wich got problems with the DestroyedViewError. All we can say, is that the DestroyedViewError is a problem with Dynamic Tags on Sections. We just use Elementor functionalities for the editor part of our Plugin as you can see on GitHub

    We checked it and it seems like Elementor fixed the appearing of the Bug for Backgrounds on Sections. We will investigate it and show if we can use the solution for our Plugin too.

    Maybe you can set up a new instance of WordPress and give us access to he admin area to investigate if we can help you in any way. Just let us know and we will post our E-Mail Adress to send us the URL and login credentials.

    Thread Starter Reuhno


    Thanks for taking the time to try.

    Maybe an other plugin create conflicts with yours, but it’s strange. I have disabled everything except Elementor and your plugin and the bug still appears.

    I can’t give you access to this website, but I will try to reproduce my bug on a fresh Install, with the strict minimum (not today) and if I succeed, I’ll send you my credentials.

    It looks like a plan 🙂
    I’ll keep you informed.

    Plugin Author rtowebsites


    Hello @laboiteare,

    we are able to reproduce the issue. But it is a really strange issue.
    In previous versions of elementor this issue only affects the columns of the section (like no resize until reload).
    Now it seems they change something. Columns arent affected now, but other elements outside (and sometimes inside) with dynamic content are opacified.

    But the error occurs also if no condition is set, but a dynamic css-class or dynamic background image.
    So its possible, that this is still an issue of elementor itself.
    But we will do some more tests, to be sure and possibly found a solution.

    Thread Starter Reuhno


    Hello @rtowebsites,

    I’m glad I’m not crazy 🙂

    Yep, it’s really strange. I had to work around the issue to do what I wanted so it’s not at this time.

    Anyway your plugin is still great 🙂
    Thanks for your answer.

    Plugin Author rtowebsites


    Hallo again,

    sorry for the long wait time.
    We have tested a bit without dynamic conditions and only elementor pro installed.
    The issue occours also without dynamic conditions.

    So we are sure it is an elementor issue.
    We have opend a bug report and hope they will fix it soon:

    Thread Starter Reuhno



    Thanks you very much for that.

    Let’s wait and see…

    Have a good day

    Plugin Author rtowebsites


    It is already fixed.

    We close this issue.

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