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  • I’m running into a strange conflict with Ninja Forms that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else. I made an unlisted YouTube video demonstrating the issue since it is a little hard to explain. You can view it here.

    The video was made to demonstrate the issue to Ninja Forms support because I initially thought the issue was a problem with their plugin. However, thanks to them I believe we’ve identified the issue as a bug in the includes\compatibility.php portion of the Elementor plugin: specifically lines 93-103. It is a section titled “Hack for Ninja Forms.”

    The issue is as follows:

    * If I try to edit a page with Elementor while the Ninja Forms plugin is enabled, my server’s CPU pegs at 100% and the RAM slowly is completely used until the server crashes

    * If I disable the Ninja Forms plugin, Elementor opens instantly

    * If I delete an old form that is no longer needed, Elementor takes about 30 seconds to load, but then some of my Ninja Forms submission data disappears.

    * Afterwards, Elementor works correctly for a while.

    * Commenting out lines 93-103 of includes\compatibility.php resolves this issue and leaves my submission data intact. Elementor loads properly and my submission data remains intact.

    It looks like this code is some kind of workaround to enable compatibility between Ninja Forms and Elementor, but it isn’t working properly.

    Unfortunately I don’t have Elementor Pro so I don’t have direct access to their support. However this seems like a serious enough bug that they may be interested in looking into this. If Elementor wants to contact me directly, I can provide login credentials for my staging server that I used to make the demonstration video linked above.

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  • The developers take bug reports on Github. You can submit them at which gives you the opportunity to follow the discussion about bug reports you submit. You can learn more about how to submit bug reports at

    Sounds like you definitely have a lot of good details for the developers. I’m sure they’ll appreciate knowing about it.

    I’m working on this issue with a tech from Ninja Forms. He contacted support, they sent him to GitHub. Then someone on GitHub told him to contact support and closed the ticket. Do you have any contacts at Elementor that could help us clear this up?



    I’m having the same issue.

    Did you manage to find a fix for this?

    Thank you.

    I haven’t updated the Elementor plugin in a while but based on the changelogs I don’t believe it’s been fixed. I haven’t heard back from either company on a permanent fix for this.

    It’s frustrating because they’re both good products, but I’m afraid I may have to ditch one or the other if data loss is an ongoing risk with running both simultaneously.

    I can confirm it hasn’t been fixed yet.

    I’ve noticed the data loss on the NinjaForms side a few weeks ago, but didn’t find out it was a conflict with Elementor until yesterday.

    Overall the issue is pretty critical in my opinion :
    – Possibility to lose submitted form data (which can be critical and is indeed critical in my case)
    – Possibility to crash the server if you try to edit a page with Elementor -> this means it can break lots of websites

    The issue is there for roughly 3 months. Could you please provide an ETA for this?

    Thank you.

    The developers reached out to the Ninja Forms rep, but he never replied. If that person gets me his contact details, I will pass them along.

    @cavalierlife I have a direct email address for Kyle Johnson at Ninja Forms if that would be helpful. You can also try That had worked for me in the past.

    Thanks, I’ll pass that along. That should be enough.

    @cavalierlife Any update on this? To my knowledge, the issue has not been resolved yet.



    I have the same error too. It’s sad to notice that it has not been solved.

    In brief, when I try to edit a page with Elementor, I get this error that prevents me to edit the page:
    PHP Warning: Illegal offset type in isset or empty in … \wp-content\plugins\ninja-forms\includes\Display\Render.php on line 134

    I’m using a hosting with PHP 7 and IIS 8.5. This would not happen with PHP 5.6, but I need to stay with PHP 7 for other reasons.
    I contacted for support both the hosting (in the PHP log there’s the line above) and Ninja Forms (NF) support, with no success.
    Please help

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