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  1. jmetzger
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Bug in class-pop3.php

  2. jmetzger
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Hi Matthew,
    hi programmer of class-pop3.php on sourceforge.net,
    I came across this looking for a pop3 script. After
    4 hours of debugging i found a bug.
    the method pop_list is not implemented correctly.
    The last "." should also be read from $fp.
    I came across this, because I used the method "pop_list" and
    then foreach'ed the array using the method "top"
    afterwards. But I always didn't get the first message correctly
    (just a "." nothing else)
    So attached is the fixed class a testscript.
    Feel free to use it, just add your settings in the first 5 line
    or something.
    This works well, but if you use the class checked in the CVS
    or the current WORDPRESS class the error will occur in the first
    message (script will not be able to get the first message).
    For Matthew,
    I found you email making a little walk outgoing from the blog
    for wordpress. Would you please so kind to redirect the bugfix
    to the project whom it may concern.
    Just one line at the end of method
    function pop_list
    /* and also get the last line -> the "." */
    $line = fgets($fp,$this->BUFFER);

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