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    There is a bug in additional image links.
    It should come as : <g:additional_image_link></g:additional_image_link>

    In some products it comes as :

    I don’t know what causes this but Google already kicked some of my products because of this. Some of the products which gives this error doesn’t have images but even some of them has images, it gives this error. It shouldn’t write it as 0. It should be empty if data is not available.
    I was using very old version and this problem happened after i updated the plugin yesterday. I don’t remember version of my previous stable plugin.
    I hope you fix this fast.
    Best regards

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  • Plugin Author Ohidul Islam



    This problem is solved with the latest version 2.0.15

    Hello again
    Now it has a different problem. It doesn’t shows 0 but somehow even the field is empty it shows the field name.
    If there is no image at additional fields it comes with different names and Google doesn’t recognizes them.
    Let’s say a product has 2 additional image link but i declare 4 additional images in the xml. It shows as :


    Google gives error which says it can’t recognize these areas.
    Hope you fix this too.
    Best regards

    Plugin Author Ohidul Islam


    The issue is fixed.

    Hello again
    It’s still same. Here is a sample post with 2 image. First is main image and second is additional image.
    In the field there are 4 additional image links.

    It comes as :

    <g:additional_image_link><![CDATA[this is one of my additional link]]></g:additional_image_link>

    I gave up on this. Google merchant center disabled 300+ ads because of additional links. I’ve downgraded to 2.0.8 and it’s working. It doesn’t adds the additional images and google doesn’t asks about it. Hope my ads start to work again fast.

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