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    Just updated to version 4.1.14 and trying the new All Categories feature (thanks, it’ll be useful!), and found a bug.

    We have 2 lists, say A and B. We have 2 campaigns, one sends new post notifications to list A of the default ‘post’ type, and another sends new post notifications to list B of a custom post type. In campaign A I selected ‘All Categories’, and no custom post types are selected. In campaign B I selected ‘All Categories’ and the correct custom post type is selected.

    We of course would expect only members of list A to get new post notifications for the default blog posts, and list B members to get notifications for new custom post types.

    What actually happens when a new post (default ‘post’ type) is created, is members of both lists get notified; when a new custom post type is created, it correctly notifies only list B members.

    One other oddity, if helpful in troubleshooting, is that each campaign uses a different template, call them A and B as well. When the bug display, ie. when creating a new ‘post’, members of the B list get notified with the B template, and members of the A list get notified with the A template.

    A workaround to get things functioning correctly is to change the B campaign to ‘Select Categories’ and then don’t select any categories.

    Another note if helpful in reproducing, our custom post type does not use the default ‘category’ taxonomy.

    Holler if we can provide more info.


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    Thank you for using our plugin.
    As I can see you have set B campaign to “All Categories” and “Custom post type”.
    So these both condition works together in “OR”.
    So one condition trigger and notification will be sent for default “Post”.
    Now, from starting Custom post type does not consider categories.
    When Custom post type published then the notification will be triggered.
    The workaround that you have said is the correct way to create a notification for the custom post type.
    Hope this helps you.



    Ok, thank you. On a related note, do you plan to support custom taxonomies in the future (so my custom post type could be limited to a taxonomy it actually uses)? Or alternatively, have you created any filter hooks which might allow that (ie. when new post is my cpt, I check the category and return indication of whether it should be notified or not)


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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