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    Hello, this happened a few versions back in the 3 series, and was corrected with a subsequent update. It seems that this bug has been re-introduced — the drop downs on the right side of admin are disabled. Once in a while I can get the left menu column to open up, and the OZH overhead menu bar is ok, but the drop downs in the right side of admin are 100% disabled. This means no editing widgets, no adding media to a post, no selecting Screen Options. I maintain a lot of WordPress sites, over 10, spread over several different hosting services, so I know it’s not the hosting services, and I know it’s not me, because it’s happening on every one I’ve updated so far, and on different browsers – Firefox, Chrome, Opera.

    I’m running Windows XP on a netbook. I can get wp dropdowns to work on MSIE 8, but it scolds me for using an “out of date” browser, but I don’t want to upgrade that if that’s the last place wp dropdowns work! I don’t use MSIE unless I have to. I can possibly run Linux via live CD w/ Firefox on it, but I have not tested if that works with wp drop downs.

    I would really just like WordPress admin drop downs to just go back to working with the next wp upgrade. Just find where the bug was re-introduced, and re-remove it.


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    You’re going to hate me.

    It’s probably you.

    I say that because this is the first time I’m hearing of this, and 3.2.1 has been out for a while.

    So have you done the normal debugging? Turn off plugins, etc. I use XP and Chrome/Safari/FireFox and drop downs work just fine.

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    and the OZH overhead menu bar is ok,

    if you’re adding that plugin to all sites it could be interfering.

    Nah, I only have it on a few sites, because I don’t want to confuse people on the sites where the admin is shared. OZH had its own problem with the new wp upgrade — it was leaving a blank left column behind. Deactivating and entirely deleting OZH, then reinstalling with completely fresh OZH code solved that problem 🙂

    For the moment I’m stumbling along with IE8, but I’d like to not have to do that.

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    Interesting. Given that you had to delete Ozh’s plugin, I wonder if your database is hanging onto anything it shouldn’t be…

    How do you feel about spinning up a TEST install of WP in a subfolder on your server?

    Here is proof that the problem is not me –

    I have installed two fresh test installs of WP:

    1. test01, WP 3.1, installed via cpanel Fantastico, which does not display the buggy problems I am describing. No problem with clicking on anything on the right side of the admin backend, no problem flipping back and forth between Visual/HTML editing of a new post.
    2. test02, WP 3.2.1, manual install (3.2.1 being so brand spakin’ new :-P, it has not yet propagated to Fantastico), which is every bit as buggy as I described.

    Please write me for the usernames & passwords, as you can understand I don’t really want to post them on a public forum.

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    That doesn’t prove it’s not you, y’know…. I can install 3.2.1 on my server without any issues. That doesn’t mean it’s NOT WP, just that it works for me and not for you. Does that make sense?


    Are you using a brand new database for these tests?

    Yes, I’ve just installed two pristine WordPress installations side by side, at your request. Brand new database for each, no plugins, no nothin’. One is version 3.1, the other is version 3.2.1

    3.1 admin side works 100% fine.

    3.2.1 admin side disables clicking on most everything on the right hand side of the admin side. You cannot even log yourself out.

    So no, it is not me. Even if the requirements for client software have been changed, that needs to be documented, and that alone would be WP’s fault.

    If you work for, or have any interest in solving this bug, you may request the usernames and passwords. Either contact me directly, or post a way for me to contact you and send them.

    Thank you for your attention to this problem.

    So no, it is not me

    Sorry but yes, it is. It’s specific to your site or your server. Tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people have upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2.1 without these problems. Ergo – it’s not a WordPress issue but a site/server one.

    If you work for

    No one here works for This is a volunteer staffed forum.

    Did you download a fresh copy of 3.2.1 when you installed the 2nd test site?

    It might be your download that got corrupted.

    You just proved that the problem is WordPress.

    I use a large host service, one of the largest.

    3.1 works.

    3.2.1 does not work.

    No difference between them, other than that.

    Therefore, if WP has changed either the server requirements, or the client software requirements, please point me to the documentation so I can fix it. Lack of documentation of new requirements would make it WP’s fault, not the server’s fault.

    Because I am the first to report the problem only makes me the first. It does not make me wrong. If you have no interest in solving this particular problem, then why are you responding? Many thanks to those who are interested.

    No need to request a password to see this problem. You can create your own (defaults to Editor role):

    WP Version 3.1 Test01

    WP Version 3.2.1 Test02

    Thank you very much for experimenting with this and seeing what I mean.

    PS, Yes, Fonglh, I did download and install a fresh copy of 3.2.1 for the pristine 3.2.1 installation. The problem presents itself whether I download fresh code, upgrade from older code, or “Reinstall” completely over an upgrade.

    Thx again.

    I just created an account on your test02 site. No problems with adding media to a post or playing with the screen options. The Editor role doesn’t have the rights to play with widgets so I couldn’t test it out.

    I could also add new categories, change the publish date, move the boxes on the right side of the admin around, and expand/collapse them.

    Browser is Google Chrome.

    Are you using the latest versions of the various browsers you’ve tried?

    Thank you, fonglh. That tells me the server is serving the site correctly 🙂

    Yes, I have upgraded my Chrome, Opera, and Firefox to all top of the line most recent versions, and I have had no luck. In fact, when you said you got it working on your Chrome, I presumed the problem must be my operating system, Windows XP. (What OS are you running?)

    So I jumped on my son’s computer, a desktop tower running Windows Vista, but I had the exact same results as I’ve been having on my XP Acer netbook. I even upgraded his Chrome and Opera (his Firefox was already running the most recent version). The results were exactly the same:

    • WP 3.1 works fine, but WP 3.2.1 will not activate anything on the right hand side of the admin side. No widget dragging, no adding media to a post, no screen options, not even logging oneself out.

    My son’s Vista computer is running MSIE9, and yes, WP 3.2.1 will work on MSIE9 (as well as the MSIE8 on my netbook). But not a single browser of any other stripe will run WP 3.2.1 on either of our computers.

    So I then decided to tested both my netbook and his tower booted to Ubuntu 10.10 Live USB. That just gives us the Firefox that comes with it, and the results were again exactly the same:

    • WP 3.1 works fine, but WP 3.2.1 will not activate anything on the right hand side of the admin side. No widget dragging, no adding media to a post, no screen options, not even logging oneself out.

    So I called a friend who is running Linux/Ubunto 11, with its incarnation of Firefox – and the WP 3.2.1 works just fine for him.

    So for jollies, I pulled my other son’s other tower out of the closet, dusted it off, and tried that. I don’t know what operating system it used to be. I suspect it was XP, but it was in the closet for a reason and it will not boot to Windows anymore. So I booted that to the Linux/Ubuntu 10.10 Live USB – with the exact same results as above – WP 3.1 thumbs up, WP 3.2.1 thumbs down.

    So I am happy for the people WP 3.2.1 works for. I have, however, identified 3 computers and 3 operating systems, for which WP 3.1 works fine, but WP 3.2.1 does not not – XP/Vista/ & Linux/Ubuntu 10.10

    Unless of course the Windows computers concede to run MSIE.

    Perhaps I should re-title this forum thread “Snookered by Microsoft”.

    It is time for this elusive problem to get a bug ticket number

    Anyone who wants to play with this and see for themselves can create accounts for themselves on the side by side sites:

    Test01 WP 3.1, which defaults to Editor mode, but allows you to make posts and set “Screen Options”, so you don’t upgrade the WP on each other, and

    Test02 WP 3.2.1, which defaults to Administrator mode, so you can succeed or fail at dragging widgets, making posts with images in them, and flipping the “Screen Options” on or off.

    If you do try it out, lease post your results, along with which OSes & browsers you used.


    Just found this post. I’m having the same issues. I didn’t notice immediately because we run a photo blog and only post once or twice a month. At first I assumed it was a user error on the part of our blog manager. I jumped through all the usual hoops (browser upgrades, etc) and still haven’t resolved it. I’m pretty sure this is a WP problem. I’m a little surprised. For as widely-used as WP is, you’d think they’d be on top of these issues with a little more alacrity. I manage several aspects of our online presence and this is the sort of thing you’d expect from a platform developed and managed part-time by a college student.

    Seriously. Could you please fix this right away? I just wasted three hours on this. I won’t tell you what I bill out at but you owe us some bucks. My takeaway: Put “Check forums” at the top of my problem solving procedure, not the bottom.

    It’s not just Microsoft, Suzanne. I’m having the same problem on my Windows machines as well as on our Macs, both OSX Snow Leopard and Lion.

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