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  • I’m working on getting W3TC to work on my setup – Windows file host with a network file share backend at \\[path]\[share]\[site name]

    w3_path and some other functions are causing me havoc and I’m working on fixing them for my setup.

    In define.php:

    function w3_path($path) {
    	liveoutput("path", $path);
        $path = preg_replace('~[/\\\]+~', '/', $path);
    	liveoutput("path-after-preg", $path);
        $path = rtrim($path, '/');
        return $path;

    The line in there with
    preg_replace('~[/\\\]+~', '/', $path);
    for me has to be
    preg_replace('~[/\\\]~', '/', $path);
    —without the + modifier because then is replaces
    \\[path]\[share]\[site name]
    /[path]/[share]/[site name]
    which doesn’t exist!

    Hopefully something will make it into future revisions so my changes don’t get lost at every update!


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