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    I use «WPC Product Bundles» and it seems the shipping cost cannot be calculated :

    When I choose «Apply to the whole bundle», customers has the message «No shipping options were found» (in cart page and in payment method choice).

    If I add another Shipping method, that new shipping method is available so it’s probably does not came from that extension.

    This extensions seemed promising, but maybe I will have to remove it because of that :/

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  • Plugin Author Dan



    At first it would be great if we could check your WBS setup. Could you gather the following details?

    I use the last versions available of wordpress and its extensions

    1. WordPress: 5.4.1 , WooCommerce: 4.1.0, Weight Based Shipping: 5.3.4, PHP: 7.0 (planning to upgrade the server to 7.3 when I will have time to, but I don’t think the problem is related.

    When making test, I enabled to «Fixed shipping cost» and put it to «12 €», so my screenshot will show you it works, but I have to only enable weight based shipping

    2. <one or more links to screenshots here>

    Weight Based Shipping config :
    Product – shipping config :
    Product – Smart bundle config :

    Weight Based shipping missing in order screen :
    If I remove the «Forfait», no shipping method found :

    3. I’m testing it with the order:
    Item #1: 162g, no shipping class, 1

    Total order weight: 240
    Order subtotal: 30,00€
    Shipping destination: France

    4. I expect to see
    — La Poste : 3.9€
    — Forfait : 12€

    5. I do see instead:
    — Forfait : 12€

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    Plugin Author Dan


    Thank you.

    I don’t see anything wrong with the setup. It should be working as expected. And it works on a test server. If you have an idea of how to reproduce the issue on the test server let me know. Feel free to change anything there.

    As of your site, there might be something preventing WBS options from appearing on the cart page. Please try disabling all other plugins and switch to a default theme temporarily. If after that the WBS shipping option appears, return things back one by one until you notice the issue is here again. Make sure to reset WooCommerce shipping cache on each test, for example, by adding or removing an item from the cart.

    It would also be helpful to add a WBS rule activating for all orders and showing total order weight as the shipping option price:
    — Weight Rate: charge 1 per each 0g over 0g; (keep everything else in its default state).

    I reproduced it in your test server : it seems it’s related by adding a promotion in the bundle

    Plugin Author Dan



    After a check, it appears that WPC Product Bundles, internally, in the cart, replaces discounted items with a virtual item having a negative price. WBS expects a cart price to be zero or more, so it doesn’t activate any rule in another case.

    We’ll think about a possible way to handle that better without a chance to break existing installations. No ETA, though.

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