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  • Hello Myatu.

    My site is setup with background images that update every 30s or so. I have about 40 images about 300K each that are 1080×720 in size. I use a 1920×1080 monitor. I’ve setup background manager with random transition & random image selection order.

    I’m expecting to see images to fill the background without changing the aspect ratio i.e. without stretching / squeezing. But what I’ve seen is that the filling of background with the next image is messed up (i.e. either visibly squeezed / stretched) randomly. I tried some testing & couldn’t pin down why.

    To recreate, just upload your test server with a dozen images of smaller resolution than your screen and setup for random transition and random order, then sit and watch, you should see the problem.

    Can this bug be fixed so I can have random transtion & order of backgrounds that don’t seem stretched or squeezed?

    Feel free to see this on my site here (under construction) –

    PS….On my site it may be hard for you to see which image is squeezed as images are 2:3 & screen is 16:9, so to make it easy just resize your browser window to be about 3 times wider than its height, and you should easily be able to see vertical squeezing at ramdom.

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