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  • Resolved Brian Shim


    First of all, great plugin!

    If you enable filtering by Town in the [events_filterform] shortcode, the default selected town is always the first town, instead of what was intended in the code, “Select a town”. “Select a town” is not shown anywhere, but there is a blank field at the bottom of the selection list.

    That makes it inconvenient for people search by other fields, because they always have to select the blank field if they don’t want to filter the Town.

    There is a bug that causes this problem which is easily fixed. In line 156 of eme_filters.php, replace this:
    $town_list[0] = array(0=>__(‘Select a town’,’eme’))+$town_list;

    with this:
    $town_list = array(0=>__(‘Select a town’,’eme’))+$town_list;

    That matches how other selection boxes work (like Select by Category).


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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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