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  • Originally posted at the bottom of this post: but I’m not sure anyone picked it up as the thread didn’t hang around long (and it’s not the right way to post bugs).
    Move from the default post page to advanced editing. If I change my mind, decide to not post anything and click on any menu option then an empty draft post is entered into the database. This happens in 1.0 and 1.0.1.
    Stangely enough even though the blog default setting is publish, the setting when entering advanced editing is draft. This is presumabuly why the empty drafts happpen. I suppose there’s no reason not to go back and fill in the draft at a later date but it seems odd.
    Not a huge bug, more an irritation for me and still the only one I’ve found so far. good work devs and devess’.

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  • ‘Devess’. I like that. Anyway, there’s another buglet with deleting those empty drafts (or links, or posts, etc.) Deleting deletes, but it brings you to a page that simply displays the footer message (wp 1.0.1, see the support forums, etc.)

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