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    I am experiencing a major issue with Dokan Business & Object Caching.

    When I have “Object Caching” (With either W3 Cache or Redis) enabled on my dokan site, the vendor registration does not load: /my-account/account-migration/seller/

    When I flush the cache, it loads. However, when i then go back to /my-account/, is still continues to show the seller registration form until I clear the cache again.

    However, when I disable Object Cache completely, there is no issue.

    Obviously I want to keep Object Cache enabled.


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  • Hi @nickyzee1

    The issue you are referring to is one of our paid features. Kindly note we are not permitted to discuss any paid function in this forum. Please contact us through our site for further help.


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    Thank you! Ticket had been submitted over 48 hours ago.. Still waiting 🙁

    Hello @nickyzee1,

    Please keep following your ticket, we will make sure you get the best possible solution.

    Best Regards.

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    After testing different ways of enabling object cache, I can confirm that DOKAN does not support object caching.

    This was tested using W3 plugin as well as super cache with Redis. Whenever object caching is enabled, the vendor registration form does not load from within my-account.

    Hello @nickyzee1,

    I have used the plugin w3 Total cache on the local server and we were unable to get the issue you are having. Have a look at the video I made.

    On your site is caused an issue and we implemented a solution that was working fine according to our test. Here is a video.

    We are unable to figure out what is reverting the changes on your site. Also, the feature you are discussing is a paid feature and we are not authorized to discuss the paid feature in this forum. Please continue your ticket.


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