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  • I was playing around at the demo blog when I noticed the following (what I beleive are) bugs.
    Please login to the demo blog using ‘admin’ and ‘password’ so you can see all that I describe here.
    I imported a few entries from an MT blog, and then I deleted the users who had created the entries that I had imported. This should and did delete all the entries they had made. But I noticed the following problems.
    1 ) The Categories they created are still around, though they are empty (since all the posts in them have been deleted).
    Please see Categories page. “Counterfeit Coin” and “Cryptography project” are the two categories I am talking about.
    2) On the same page, Categories page, the “number of posts” for the two categories I mentioned are given as 1 and 6, but there are no entries in those categories, since I deleted the users who created those posts, and with them the posts were deleted too. I went to the edit entries page, and tried to see the posts in these categories, and got “no entries found”, which was expected.
    Do you think these are bugs? I think 2) above could be one, and 1) above might be something that can be fixed too, I mean, if all posts in a category are deleted, and the user who created the category is deleted, the category may be deleted as well.

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    I don’t think they are bugs. Primarily because categories don’t have an owner, any blog user can post to any category. If some one had posted to that category, then it got deleted, what would you expect to happen to those posts?

    1) The problem with the category not being deleted is that it still shows up on the index.php in the category listing. When I click on the empty category I get a “no posts matched your criteria”.
    2) If all the posts in the category have been deleted, then the categories admin page should say “0” for number of posts for that category, but as it is now, it gives the number of posts in that category before all the posts were deleted.
    I don’t know about 1, but 2 definitely seems like a bug.

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