• When I add custom code (which I suspect most users don’t do) – it automatically adds slashes, I assume some form of escaping the code… and that works fine. However if I ever go back and edit another setting, it re-escapes the code (adds more slashes) and when I save, my tracking is now broken. I actually utilize the same GA tracking on multiple subdomains which each have their own install of WP, and this happened on one subdomain. Took me 3 months to figure it out and fix the error. OOPS! – anyways, I assume most people would notice they weren’t getting any data before I did, but still is a bug worth fixing.


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  • I’m also getting the same problem, and slashes are added to the slashes every time a change is made… so eventually it goes to \\\\\\\’ (example)

    Any news on this one? I ran into similar issue on one of my sites resulting in problemns in IE 8 and probably other plugins…

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